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Peculiar Turnips

Oct 3, 2021

Jack Green is a high-functioning alcoholic that isn't functioning as highly as he used to.

He makes a new commitment to ditching the habit.

The habit seems to have plans of its own...


This episode features the music of Myuu, who has been keeping podcasters like me in free music for a long time. 

May 10, 2021

Walter Bitterpill is a very important man, or so he thinks.

His view of himself is turned upside down one morning when he wakes up and finds that his chest has become a cabinet containing a wastebasket.

The world can't resist using his wastebasket, no matter how much it upsets him. 

Apr 24, 2021

Episode 2 poses the question to all of us:

If someone forgot about us on accident, would we forget about them on purpose?

A certain teddy bear is stuck with that dilemma. 

Theme music by Alexander Hoff

Music throughout the episode by Alexander Hoff and Myuu

Peculiar Turnips is written, produced, and performed by...

Apr 19, 2021

The pilot episode of Peculiar Turnips, the weird, strange, surreal, and yet most charming fiction podcast you ever came across. 

Molly is a little girl with a strange gift: wherever she steps, sunflowers pop up. Instantly.

One day, she comes across a patch of land where nothing grows, not even her sunflowers...